Long Live Ray

This Thursday, May 16 is Ray Condo Day! Ray is featured in our Drinking With The Legends series we recently filmed at the Railway Club, under the "Ray Condo Forever" neon sign, no less. There will be a toast in his honour at the Railway at 6pm hosted by Ian Tiles with tribute events at various locations that evening. Please check details below
Long live Ray.

There are three events happening around the city.

At 6pm a toast at The Railway Club in the backroom under the "Ray Condo Forever" neon sign. Ian Tiles will be hosting and toasting.

Then at 9 to 11:30 pm there is big line-up of artists paying tribute to Ray - Petunia, Howard Rix, The V-2's, Evil Norton Niels, Jimy Now, Jimmy Roy & Kelly Haigh, Mike Van Eyes, Tom Hammel and more.

Also up Main Street at Slickity Jim's they are having a more intimate affair hosted by Shelley Campbell with guests El Dorado, Kevin House and Robyn Carrigan.

Facebook event page:

CBS-TV in Chicago:

Wikipedia page for Ray:

Hope to see you all there.

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