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Park Drive

This roast commemerates the roots of Commercial Drive.  The Drive was originally a skid road for dragging logs to the harbour which was named “Park Drive” but renamed “Commercial Drive” in 1911.

Origins: Brazil, Nicaragua, Mexico

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A medium roasted coffee blend with a smooth flavour that still carries a full bodied cup of coffee. Grandview is one of the two neighbourhoods which ”the drive” goes through.  The other being Woodland.

 Origins: Brazil, Mexico, Peru


The Continental

A medium roast coffee, with history. To support local business on the drive, CDCC partnered up with Continental Coffee for this particular blend.  Continental Coffee has been on the drive for over 30 years at 1806 Commercial Drive and is an essential part of the drive’s coffee culture.  Commercial Drive Coffee Company is proud to be working with Continental Coffee on this blend. This partnership allows us to continue spreading tradition and showing that Commercial Drive is a neighbourhood where we stick together and support one another.

Origins: Brazil


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Our decaffinated coffee is a wonderful medium roast.  We remove the caffeine by using a Swiss Water Process that removes 99.9% of the caffeine from our coffee beans, without compromising the original characteristics of the coffee.  It is a clean process that is chemical free.  The coffee itself is smooth, bold and delicious, just like the community it is named after.

Available only in ground.

Origins: Mexico, Peru




The Drive

A smooth, low acidity, European style blend. Great to drink as a short or long espresso.  It will leave a great taste in your mouth.

Named after the beloved “Commercial Drive”.  It has been the destination for generations of European immigrants proven by the many European-style cafes on the drive.  Many Italian immigrants settled on the northern part of Commercial Drive which came to be known as “Little Italy“. Along with a sizable immigration of Portuguese, Central and South American people who helped make this area have a Euro-Latino style of community and flair.

Origins: Brazil, Sumatra, Mexico, Peru



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East Village

Not to get confused by thinking this is a New York City East Village Coffee.  This is through and through East Vancouver Coffee.  Unlike our Drive espresso that is a lighter European "Blonde" roast.  Our East Village Dark Roast Espresso is North American flavour profile inspired.  Dark, Rich, Bold, talk about a pick me up for your morning cup of Joe.  Another delicious coffee we are proud to name after the entire East Village.  A place of communtiy, small business, a love for food and of course great coffee. 

Available only in whole bean.

Origins: Brazil, Mexico, Peru


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