East Van's Coffee of Choice

At Commercial Drive Coffee Co., we're all about bringing coffee, culture and people together. 

A few of us got together in early 2010 and decided that we were not as thrilled with where the coffee scene in Vancouver was headed as many in the city had taken us... It was pretty clear that the over roasted coffee in one famous multi-national was very popular and what was also very clear was that the roasting in Vancouver had headed toward an acidic/citric profile to be different from that big player. What was also pretty clear is that we liked neither approach...

We wanted to get back to the feelings and flavours that we all found while touring Europe. Similar flavours that you would have found on The Drive when the 1st European immigrants, mostly Italian, settled in Vancouver's Little Italy in the heart of East Van. We wanted to go back to the roots of European coffee. We wanted that aroma and flavour that resonated throughout the coffee bars and homes of Europe. That coffee that inspired the discussions for change and betterment of people, that coffee that elicited debates in homes that could be heard down the street, that coffee that brought us together after a wonderful meal. We wanted a coffee that evoked those feelings of warmth or family and tradition.

Through a cooperative effort of local roasters and resident connoisseurs, we strove to bring us back in time and to bring a little of the old school Commercial Drive back to your home.

We believe that you will understand our vision when you try one, or all, of the great 6 roasts of Commercial Drive Coffee that we have developed.

Find us in your favourite retailers across the Lower Mainland and throughout BC. We are available on Amazon Canada. And we are available as the exclusive coffee of our coffee bar on The Drive --- The Drive Coffee Bar at 1670 Commercial Drive.

Give us a try and let us know how we did. We would love to hear from you - good or bad - as we have always been, and will always be about the conversations that coffee inspires...

Our selected gourmet coffee beans are locally roasted,  ethically purchased, carbon neutral and USDA Organic.